Nick Loveless made all the difference...

My wife and I tried at first, a real estate agent that was a close friend of ours. She did not want our business, probably wisely realizing we lived some distance from her and it would be inconvenient to show us houses in the area we were looking for.

I then selected an agent that heavily advertises in my union's paper. Her office (in the south end) was quite some distance from our home and the area we were looking in. As time went by, we got the feeling she was starting to get annoyed with our requests to see homes. She recruited an assistant to show us homes and often times neither one of them were available to show us homes at a time when the market was very low in inventory (homes for sale). This set up the need to be able to see a house almost the instant it went on the market.

We realized that we needed to find an agent that lived in the area that we were looking in, so the agent would not be inconvenienced in showing a home and would be much more likely to be able to make an appointment to see a home very quickly.

We called a local Windermere office and I explained to the broker in charge that we needed an agent that would be able to respond to our urgent needs to see a home relatively soon after it came on the market. The broker recommended Nick Loveless as he said Nick should be able to be available pretty much "johnny on the spot".

Nick made himself available to us at a time we needed an agent that understood the market and the need to be competitive in purchasing a home, it was definitely a seller’s market and many sales were becoming bidding wars.

Nick made the calls to set up appointments as soon as we called him. We were often times meeting Nick at a home within the hour after calling him, quite often only hours after the home came on the market. We finally found a home that met our needs and more importantly in a great neighborhood and surrounding community. The home however had several others interested in it. The purchase climate became very competitive. Nick suggested that we write a personal letter to the seller explaining to her who we were as people. This letter was delivered to the seller and it made all the difference. The seller read the letter and decided she wanted to sell the home to us.

Nick Loveless made all the difference when it came to beating the competition in the purchase of the home.

- Brad and Monika Stewart

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